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The planning for our new Fluid Bed Dryer started a year ago. Last week, the 3.5 ton equipment was delivered. The Fluid Bed Dryer had to be transported through the roof of the production hall, which required extremely precise work. We are proud, that through good communication and teamwork, as well as technical expertise, the new equipment was safely transported into our production building.
„The installation went very well, and everything was well coordinated,“ says Daniel Kaiser, our technical manager. The roof was already closed again in the evening. Also on the following days, everything went very well with the installation of the remaining parts. Qualification will start to be operational with the new equipment in Q2.
With our new Fluid Bed Dryer, Develco is able to produce more important medicines for patients in need.
The Badische Zeitung also reported this exciting event – click on the following link to read more:

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Herzlich willkommen Nicole Saidi, happy to have you on board! 

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We were at CPHI 2022 in Frankfurt. It was great meeting you all!

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In August, Martin Renner (CEO), gave Sarah a tour of our Develco factory in Schopfheim. Since the beginning of August, she has been supporting us with external communication. She is responsible for updating the website and social media. We are happy that she has joined #Teamdevelco and we are happy to work with her!

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We are excited and very proud that Develco has been awarded Top Formulation Development Outsourcing Company in Europe 2022 by Pharma Tech Outlook.
Develco is in the annual listing of 10 companies in Europe that are at the forefront of providing Formulation Development Outsourcing services and transforming businesses in the region.
„The art of creative drug formulation from active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) requires technical expertise and utmost precision. Innovative dosage forms or delivery systems direct a drug to its specific site of action and optimise the timing of the drug release. While enhancing patient comfort and convenience, these innovations can increase efficacy and promote better health care. Against this backdrop, Swiss-German pharmaceutical company Develco Pharma specialises in developing and manufacturing orally-administered modified release drugs and prolonged/ chrono-release drug delivery systems. Develco provides licenses of its curated products to international pharmaceutical companies for commercialization in their respective markets…“ (Pharma Tech Outlook, 2022)
To read the full interview with our CEO Martin Renner and Helene Rey, Research and Development, click here:

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Develco has delivered 1.5 billion units and more than 30 million packs until September 2022! 

We are very proud to have reached this milestone and to have delivered more than 1,500,000,000 units of our speciality products since Develco started production. In 2020, we had already reached the 1 billion mark. We are excited to continue producing and are targeting the 2 billion mark next. Each of these units helped a patient to suffer less.

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The training of young people is a very important part of the working world. We at Develco are proud to support them and to call ourselves a training company since 2021.

We are happy to welcome a new Pharmaceutical Technician apprentice in our company this year. Phil together with Sanya and Aaron will form the new apprentice team. We warmly welcome Phil to the Develco team!

Sanya and Aaron successfully completed their first year and now started their second year. They have already worked in different departments. A big thank you goes to all colleagues involved in their training so far. Thank you for your effort, your time and your patience.

We couldn’t have asked for better trainees for the start of apprenticeship at Develco. Thank you for being on board!

A special thank you goes to Christine Mossbrugger, our head of training, for her dedication and engagement.

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Generic medicines are an important pillar to healthcare systems around the world. Just in Europe, they are estimated to save over 100 Billion Euros per year. In our continuous pursuit to increase access to these medicines, Develco is pleased to announce the first Decentralized Procedure (DCP) closure of its Tapentadol Prolonged Release Tablets. With several other DCPs and National Registration procedures lined up, covering the full breadth of dosage strengths, Develco is well slated to be the first or amongst the first wave of launches in Europe.

Development of generic medicines is a complex process and it requires a carefully designed formulation strategy, an exhaustive set of human bioequivalent studies and thereon a scale-up & transfer to commercial manufacturing. This DCP closure from European authorities comes on the back of several BE studies performed by Develco in Europe.  

Utilizing its innovative sustained released and modified release technology, Develco has developed and is developing several other Complex Generic, Branded and Life Cycle Management Products and would continue to support access of such important medicines to patients across the globe. 


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