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Successful positioning in the niche market
Successfully completed projects

The recent history of Develco Pharma showed that it is capable of successfully competing in a niche market of the Pharma landscape, which may be unattainable to the giants of the pharmaceutical industry. We are convinced that our manageable-sized organization paired with highly motivated employees and external development partners, characterised by drive and diversity, does provide ideal conditions for successful projects. In addition, niche projects do have a higher priority in our organisation than in large organizations. With a lot of passion and tenacity we pave the way to  our success.

Believing in the creativity of our well-structured organization is particularly important in the selection of suitable projects and their implementation. This requires a high degree of entrepreneurial vision and risk-taking ability by all employees and partners, which may get lost in an atmosphere characterized by administrative structures.

Develco creates an evolving culture in which employees contribute their own mind-sets and strengths. The performance and effort to achieve an overall objective will be assessed on an individual level, independent of the specific function within the organization.

In our daily business, we strive for tolerance within the company, but also towards our partners and customers. We are fully aware that different cultures and people have different viewpoints that need to be taken into consideration. Thus, we are convinced that we, as a developer and service provider focused on niche products, can adequately relate to various corporate cultures.

We are committed to our employees, partners and clients to achieve mutual success. Trust and transparency are two important values therefor which we pursue, but also expect.

We offer our employees a secure job with vast opportunities for further self-development. We value their contribution to the success of the company, whereby personal satisfaction in their daily work is an important factor.

By the implementation of innovative projects, we offer our development partners the opportunity to expand their own expertise which in return makes them more attractive for our customers.

We offer our sales partners innovative and high quality products that create added value for their customers. Finally, we know that our performances are driven by the success of competent and strong distribution partners.