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Manufacturing of quality good
and international distribution


Production & Supply Chain

Out of the conviction that a product can ultimately only succeed if it can be provided to the patients timely and in a faultless in reproducible quality. Methods of production, in place within Develco have a special meaning.

Therefore, it undertakes

  • The selection of suitable manufacturers,
  • The transfer of technologies to external production facilities,
  • The validation of the manufacturing processes for commercial production,
  • The transfer of analytical methods and quality control of the manufactured products,
  • The monitoring the quality assurance procedures
  • And also the production of medicines in its own production plant


Dr. Thomas Koy
Technical Director

Produktion & Lieferkette

Ensuring a reliable supply chain is a key factor in the Uninterruptible supply of patients with medicinal products,

which is characterized by

  • Import of active pharmaceutical ingredients from various suppliers from different countries,
  • Quality assurance for the manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients,
  • Timely delivery of the active pharmaceutical ingredients for the production,
  • Organisation of the orders and supervision of the delivery dates,
  • Export of the finished products to the countries of the distributors.

The medicines and their active substances, developed by Develco Pharma, for the treatment of severe pain (opiates) are subject to particular requirements and regulations in national and international trade which require special knowledge.

Develco Pharma has obtained, for these complicated tasks, an unusually high-level of recognition as experts for its distributors.