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Definition of new products
in collaboration with extern partners


Innovation & Product definition

Innovation, as understood by Develco Pharma, is the implementation of new ideas for the development of a new product. Such a mission can only succeed with a team of in-house experts but also constant and meaningful formation exchange with external partners.

Successful innovation is based on:

  • Thorough market analysis for missing, but also commercially promising products
  • Evaluation of technical feasibility for future commercial production
  • The evaluation of the clinical development strategy
  • The clarification of regulatory requirements necessary for approval
  • The identification of suitable sales partners
  • Ensuring the necessary funding


Dr. Mathias Scheer
Executive partner

Amit Tiwari
Director Head of Business Development

Innovation & Produktdefinition

All these aspects are symbolized by the Develco Pharma logo, which represents how ideas from different areas and various disciplines lead to a common product.

Develco Pharma does not regard itself as the contractor of the ensuing marketing partner, but relies on the success of the ideas developed by them and their competence for the efficient implementation of the entire process from development to market supply.